Luxury Resort Develop

20 Year Real Estate Tax Exemptions

We also assist our clients with tax planning so they can structure their real estate transactions to maximize tax benefits. The members of the resort group work closely with our tax attorneys to negotiate tax incentives from foreign governments. For example, The Hard Rock Hotel Panama will have a 20 year real estate tax exemption for all condo hotel owners in Playa Blanca.

Our resort development group works closely with foreign governments in issuing tax benefits and incentives to provide efficient, comprehensive service to our clients and their customers..

Permitting, Land Use and Zoning
Making a mistake in the permitting process can destroy a project before it starts. We are well known for our experience working with state and federal agencies in obtaining the required land use approvals.

We assist our clients with both traditional and state of the art financing.
Our finance group has experience representing lenders, investors or borrowers.